What is Ritualis?

Esoteric Fine Jewelry with Purpose

Ritualis is the result of many paths and over two decades coming together. Before you sits the culmination of many lifetimes walked in the mystical, the esoteric, and the mythographic. This merging elegantly with over 16 years study of fine jewelry, metallurgy, and craftsmanship.

But Ritualis is more than beautiful adornment.

It is an actualization of Three Core Values in this modern age of mysticism:

  • To Be a person that Is with Purpose
  • Synergistic relationship between Self and Object
  • Self Mastery in both the ordinaryl and the aetheric worlds

Behind each piece is a multitude of conversations. Between you and the material, between you and the connected aetheric forces, and between a master goldsmith and long time esoteric student and these precious materials.

And, if you choose, there is also a conversation between you and Kedrik.

At the heart of Ritualis is a mission to connect people to their true selves and their own self mastery. The world grows in communion with Nature, and it is our ordained purpose in this realm to actualize ourselves to the fullest possible as participants in the Divine Mystery of the cosmos.

Let these be the keys to your next unfolding.

Are you ready?