Meet Kedrik Winter Wolf

Esoteric Coach & Master Goldsmith

Kedrik is one of those old world types making his way in the modern world. He brings to the table a wide range of offers from totemic custom goldsmithing to personal self mastery coaching, and particularly project management consulting and support.

With over 20 years studying esoterica and mysticism alongside actively practicing and later teaching meditation, Kedrik brings profound clarity to the table through a wide range of skillsets. Some other modalities include 11k hours in wilderness immersion work and nearly 12 years as a professional Goldsmith.

Kedrik helps ambitious high performers master the foundations of their own sovereignty and self so that they can contribute to making the world more beautiful and free. Whether you're working with him on your next custom piece, getting expert project management support, or receiving one on one coaching in self mastery or esoteric practice, you're in good hands.